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What is a Negative Belief Anyway?

What is a Negative Belief Anyway?!

When people find out I help people overcome, destroy, and eliminate “negative” beliefs, what do you think pops into their mind?

Take a moment and try to think about which part of a “belief” could be “negative.” In reality, a belief is neither truly a negative (-) or a positive (+) belief, in and of the belief itself, the "thing" we are noticing is negative is actually just the result the belief produces.

We don't generally think much about what rattles around in the heads of others unless the effect of what they believe is causing harm to themselves or those around us.

We label a belief “negative” when the result(s) it is producing for the life of the belief holder is negative TO THEM and/or FOR THEM.

(It is important to note here that someone should typically let you know if a belief is affecting them negatively, don't go handing out free help or advice unless you'd like a well deserved smack)

Take a moment and let that digest. You could have a belief that everyone disagrees with but it produces positive results in your life or you can have a belief that everyone agrees with but produces negative results in your life, and as in life, there are degrees of those categories and mix and match options as you might have already concluded yourself.

Therefore, we are merely shifting beliefs into spaces which open up possibilites for a positive result and how that might look, sound, or feel; we have no need to demonize the actual belief (unless we are using a pattern interrupt or sleight of mouth technique.Click the Link for more Info.)

When we talk about destroying or overcoming negative beliefs, what we are REALLY focused on is the results we want, the beliefs don’t need to break, we just need them to be able to bend so we can help our minds get used to a more positive way of thinking for us.


Reframing is one of the most powerful tools we have for gently moving us from a place with “fixed” negative beliefs to a a flexible and pliable belief system that can produce more positive results for us in relationships, problem solving, and mindfulness. Let me provide a generally harmless example:

In the video above, I used a basic “fixed” belief system, and demonstrated ‘reframing” as a tool for helping us stay flexible in our belifs and open to that flexibility opening up more and more options our minds can accept rather than remaining stuck due to a “fixed” belief system. Again, don't fix something which is not broken. You don't need to reframe unless you do.

Reframing is just a single and pathetically simple tool, but in the right hands, someone who is artful at the craft and focused on helping a fixed belief stay pliable, it can forever change the way a person acts, behaves, and subsequently changes the results they are getting in day to day relationships and goal pursuit. It happens fast and like magic when handled artfully.

If the results someone was getting were negative before, but a slight change in their beliefs is now resulting in positive results, we would say that belief FOR THEM was a negative belief but they moved past it by reframing that belief and now they have a more positive belief system FOR THEM.

What to do Next?

If you or someone you love might have some core model that is impacting their life in a negative way, it might make sense for them to sit down with someone like me.

Some of the groups we have done this for have been internal company events centered around personal growth, development, and mindfulness; educational organizations from theatre to STEM typically utilize these presentations for growth; sales and customer service departments, mental health groups and religious groups and of course I always work one on one for people who are finally sick of their wheels spinning and are ready to be their own hero.

Contact me at my site or on social media to get this on the books today!

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