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One Secret to Change Your Story

The deafening wall clock drones on as she makes her entrance into the board room, her chin slightly elevated and curiously askew, her gaze is meticulous, tempered, and calculated; permeating the room with boldness and self-assurance, her presence demands respect and the room straightens themselves at attention. . . Who is she?

Like so many others, she has changed her story by taking one fast, easy step they all take, you know, the trailblazers we all admire and secretly envy for their self-confidence, positivity, and resourcefulness.

What most people don’t know or want to know is that this was no accident. She’s not genetically or spiritually gifted in some way outside of your grasp. She too has doubts, fears, insecurity, and moments of self-pity.

Well, then?? What is different? How does she do it?

Simply put, she applied one easy-to-do secret exercise designed to ignite her spark within, and NOW you can too!

Preframing. . . the secret to changing your story

You now know what it will do for you, and why to use it, but now you want to know:

A) What is“Preframing?”

B) How do I do it?

C) What’s it going to cost me?

I’m no mind reader so if there are more questions than that, you’ll have to email me.

What is Preframing?

Preframing is simply embracing the best version of yourself and allowing that hero to be the ”preframed” character living your story! That being said, Preframing begins with honesty concerning one’s self-image.

You can love yourself while also noticing that some aspects of how you carry yourself, speak, or behave would improve if you felt like a champion before you opened your eyes in the morning.

How do I do it?

Self-identifying an area where one can improve is step 1 (i.e. confidence, cadence, temperament, pitch, posture, etc)

Step 2) Intentionally follow a checklist designed to assist mental attention (mind/awareness) on desired outcome. In my personal approach and with clients I use the P.U.R.E. model which only has 4 focus points and which takes less than 20–30 minutes.

P) Positively Stated: State clearly what you DO WANT , PLEASE do not restate what you DO NOT WANT ie

“I don’t want to be lazy” is restating what you do NOT want < “I want to be active and driven” is positively stating (in writing) what you DO want

I don’t want to walk around like I’m worthless: Incorrect
I want to carry myself like someone aware of their worth and value: Correct

U) Under Your Control: Write out the consistently reliable ways, plans, methods, tools, and resources that will enable you to succeed in achieving this positively stated outcome

R) Real: Brainstorm as many Visuals, Sounds, Smells, Feelings, and even Tastes you know you will experience when this outcome is realized and how your life will improve as the best version of yourself is the hero of your story

E) Ecologically Balanced: Make sure you won’t self-sabotage by creating a scenario you deep down think could be negative in any way or for anybody you love. Your Preframed outcome has to feel positive to you in every area for you to accept it and allow yourself to be your inner champion!

For more information on how to use this template, please reach out to me directly.

What’s this Going to Cost me?

Time, energy, and humility.

If you or someone you love could use some help connecting to the best version of themselves for business or personally, reach out today. Here is a video on the PURE Model conducted at Improving Lives Counseling Services in Tulsa Oklahoma.

For group workshops or speaking engagements, visit

James Pesch | Speaker | Coach | Communications & Mental Health

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