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Communication & Sales | Mindfulness, Memory, & Mental Health |  Discipline & Goals

Some people just want to be on the other side of their negative circumstances, others want exciting and powerful step by step instructions to help them harness my fast and effective secrets for their own success and the success of the people they love and care about in their everyday lives, and THAT is why you are here today! 

who do they say i am? 

Adam M.

"I found James on social media and fell in love with his energy and positive character. It was something at the time that I used to have but lost sight of. I was spiraling down the wrong path and decided a little professional help was what I needed. I spent one session with James and he helped me identify the tools I needed to find that positivity again. I still use the tools he taught me when I'm feeling down or lost whether in life or work. If you are looking for a coach who won't try to fix you, but instead empowers you and provides the tools to make your own path, James is your guy!"

Julian J.

"James Pesch has a heart for people and the cognitive processes that inspire us, remove self-limiting factors and identifying the power to switch on our thinking behaviors to achieve our goals and objectives. James is an excellent friend, a man of action and integrity, someone I truly enjoy spending time with in any setting."

Dr. Ayat Mekki
The Ideal Relationship

"James is a talented and skilled Speaker, linguist & Instructor who is passionate about helping others.​"

 Training & Workshops 

Hardesty Public Library | Reading MicroExpressions & Body Language

Improving Lives Counseling Services | Reframing, Intro to EMDR, Ethics

NLP for Sales & Communication | The Bridge, Kevo (South Tulsa)

 Special Skills (Secret Stuff) 

Memory Optimization

Lie Detection

Instant Self Confidence

Problem Solving

Goal Setting


Corporate Training

Communication, Sales, and Body Language Seminars

Relationship Counseling and Guidance

Parenting Guidance

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