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My Interview in Italy: Rare cross-post

Interview with James Pesch. Column on procedural argumentation, persuasion and influence. Interviews with those who teach "persuasion". Featured Written by Avv. Federico Pau

Starting from next week, within the section dedicated to procedural argumentation and persuasion in general, the second season of the cycle of interviews with scholars of persuasion, communication and argumentation will begin , from those who teach it in university classrooms, to those who aims to teach it to politicians, entrepreneurs and  top managers , and those who have written  best sellers .

Up to now I have spoken with some of the best Italian persuaders , but, before starting with the new cycle, which will see some of the most promising scholars of persuasion and communication in Italy as protagonists , I went overseas to research, in every corner of the globe , the bestto the world , and today, as a special opening episode, I report the interview with one of these: James Pesch.Back to  Main Page: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:  - Watch the course and lessons on tax law for free. New videos every week*

* *Column by the lawyer Federico Pau.***James Pesch : is a specialist in human relations , author , public speaker , podcaster , expert in communication andpersuasion , expert in NLP ; came into contact from a very young age with thepower of language and its ability to arouse deep emotions, he continued with a university education in the study ofpsychology , linguistics, and neuroscience (which is part of the cognitive sciences ), but not only, because he passed from theory to practice working personally in the field of influence within the most diverse fields, in short, a so-called " persuasion coach " of excellence , an expert in persuasion at 360 degrees.

***FOR READERS OUTSIDE ITALY:WHO AM I (the interviewer)? I am an Italian tax lawyer , and I always aspired to be the best litigator in my country ; long story short, aside for all specific books regarding law, tax law and trial advocacy , I have been studying  hundreds of books on communication and persuasion  during last 10 years (and still read a new book every 3 days regarding persuasion or advocacy or communication or negotiation), and this - in my opinion - is the reason that allowed me, in just a few years, to win an incredible number of cases and obtain exceptional results for clients amounting to millions of euro for them, and prevent an incredible number of injustices .But my path to excellence and mastering of effective advocacy, persuasion, influence and effective communication  is far from finished .

My name is Federico Pau . Enjoy the interview.WHO IS TODAY 'GUEST: Today my guest is a very smart and well know persuasion expert: Mr. James Pesch.

***What brought you to study communication and persuasion and become an expert in this field?

As with most perceptions of excellence, developing an expertise in communication and persuasion , in hindsight, seems much more accidental than intentional.

As an adolescent, I was raised in a religious home with a father who was a Pentecostal minister. Pentecostal believers in the United States have a tendency to demonstrate their religious beliefs through dramatic mystical methodologies and the ministers utilize certain cadencies, tonalities, and linguistic tools to elicit powerfully deceptive emotions from their congregations.

I studied most of these modalities by accident to be a more effective minister in my youth; I studied Psychology, Linguistics, & Neuroscience obsessivelywhile at University, and also began dabbling in professional sales careers in my early twenties which combined to produce many tools which made me increasingly influential and entertaining as a speaker and / or entertainer.  Combining this history, alongside many intentional moments of researching hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming , and human behavior resulted in a demonstrative comprehension concerning communication and persuasion .Embracing a love of Philosophy, Logic, & Stoicism has had a significant impact on how intentional I have been in recent years to educate my audience, peers, and colleagues on these powerful techniques and tools of persuasion so they can be aware of their contemporary use in politics, religion, and marketing.

***Could you think of one principle (or understanding) regarding effective communication and persuasion you knew from the start but, only after years, you realized how strong was its impact?I used to have a phrase that I concocted after studying language and communication excessively which I thought summarized my approach to communication:“

It doesn't matter what you say; what matters is ONLY what is heard . "

***If you had to give an award to the 3 more useful persuasion techniques (or principles) which ones would won?- Anchoring- Sleight of Mouth- Mapping Across***If you had to name 3 persons you consider worldwide experts in this field , who would they be?Dr. Paul EkmanDerren BrownJoe Navarro

***If you had to name 3 books you feel are the most important in the field of communication and persuasion, which ones would they be?Tricks of the Mind - Derren Brown13 Steps to Mentalism - CorindaEmotions Revealed - Paul Ekman***How readers can contact you and know more about your work?https://jamespesch.comInstagram: @jamesppesch***Thank you for being a guest in this interview. I appreciated.Thank you for the invitation, I enjoyed the questions and thought-provoking exercise.                                                                                 - James Pesch***An extraordinary interview, with a lot of useful material.James pointed out some of the most powerful persuasion techniques in the world , and some extraordinary books for those who want to learn more.Another thing made me think, which, however, is not so much linked to the basic discourse. The author remembers with what "obsession" he studied these themes in the course of his life and this made me think that this is a theme that very often emerges among the best; how, in other words, this "characteristic" and mental attitude seems to be the keystone that distinguishes the best in the world from all the others. As an example, Cardone says (recognized by many as one of the best sellers in the world) who also gave us the title of a book " Be obsessed or be average ", or, to jump into a completely different world, the first who became champion of the world in two distinct divisions of the UFC, Conor Mcgregor, of which one of the most famous phrases is "I'm not talented, I'm obsessed ”.However, returning to the basic theme, the three most powerful persuasion techniques according to the author are (at the state of the art): - Anchoring; - Sleight of Mouth; - Mapping Across. Maybe someday I'll tell you more about it.Anyway, stay tuned for the start, next week, of the second cycle of interviews with Italian communication and persuasion scholars, and if you think you are an expert too, contact me and let's check together whether to publish your interview.

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