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Destroying Self Doubt: End-Goal Focusing

January 27, 2020 | James Pesch

Setting the Tone

Destroying self-doubt is as easy as committing NOW to the desire to DESTROY it. The desure to do it comes from somewhere and makes you feel a certain way; begin there. Is there a dream or passionate pursuit or purpose that you know you have been created to achieve, but you just can’t find the courage or motivation to get started? GREAT!!

This short read is just for that specific hang up! This is guaranteed to transform you as you read, now. As this short article walks you through one EASY & FAST technique to use DAILY to empower you to create THE confident, calm, & courageous hero that lives your life’s story, you will begin to see significant confidence and success in more and more of what you set out to do!

Why ask Why? Should we even ask the question "why do we doubt ourselves?" Does this question bring a solution or just keep us wallowing in the problem?

If you want or need traditional talk therapy to deal with past issues, this article and my solutions may not be the best fit for you, however, if you are seeking a solution and if you are ready to be on the other side of self-doubt, this process will help you, but you have to stop asking why things are the way they are and focus on the way you want them to be instead.

This is the foundational principle behind NLP or at least the way I utilize it to help others destroy self doubt in their own lives. We use an "end-goal focused" model for entertaining thoughts which make us disturbed. We don't allow ourselves to sit in them for too long before we remember to decide whether we want to sit in our discomfort or if we want to be on the other side. The choice is always ours to make. IF we want to be on the other side, then my methods may be the perfect fit four your needs!

Modeling Humans are always successfully accomplishing something, even if that behavior is something they don’t desire to accomplish. For example, we are all great at being lazy. We are successful at getting addicted to unhealthy habits and substances. We are fantastic at being afraid of events, spiders, heights, etc. This is due to what we are representing to ourselves in our own minds.

You and everyone else is already great at self-doubt ONLY because a successful and working model of the confident version of ourselves seems improbable. What we need to do is alter that version of you in your mind and focus on the version of you who is already on the other side of this self-doubt. The values, traits, and character of the version of you on the other side already had/has the resources they need to succeed so confidence isn't even an after thought.

Fear Type I errors (False Positives) are responsible for the fear we feel when considering unknown possible outcomes. If I am walking and I hear a sound in the bushes, if I run away, I survive even if it is just the wind. During our struggling development and survival as a species, fear, would have made the difference between acting and surviving or sitting and certain death; it used to be in our best interest to assume danger is there even when it is not. Chances are, your self doubt comes from fear of a future that is not just unlikely, probably impossible.

Confidence Confidence stems from a very clear and vivid FEELING, IMAGE, & BELIEF that you have all of the necessary traits, resources, and energy to meet the obstacle or challenge you are facing.

Focusing on this version of yourself will create confidence and therefore result in positive outcomes that you desire as probable. A valid question for ourselves is this: If you are reading these words, then Confidence causes you comfort and therefore you would like to have more control of when you have it. It will serve you well.

Isn’t a healthy level of boldness an important part of ensuring that you don’t fail? Well, maybe, Confidence & Boldness in ourselves enable us to tackle challenges and overcome adversity and for that, we thank this powerful emotional mental state for its service; confidence also ensures that we have a clear example in our own minds that we use as a template to know when we connect to the best version of ourselves. The imagery we can create in our mind clearly reflects that desirable outcome we have now decided to pursue.

When outcomes are clear in our mind, we have peace; peace of mind, confidence, & success are all inter-working and interlocking emotions and are designed to operate in unison and generate the necessary neuropathways for desirable outcomes. Focus now on the best version of yourself and write down all the attributes which make up that idea of you. The version of you who has already solved this issue of self-doubt exists now in your mind.

What are you wearing when you picture this version of yourself?

What colors stand out?

Is it vivid and clear or blurry?

Are you sitting, standing, moving, etc?

Are you in color or black and white?

What do you sound like?

How does it feel to be this version of yourself?

Enlarge this image until you’re the size of a movie screen and connect to the fire in your eyes, next, we are going to have to destroy the self doubting version; we will do that next.

Destroying Doubt Has DOUBT kept you from acting the way which would make you most proud? Think NOW and Remember a task that you have been putting off: Landing a specific client, Exercising Daily, Reading a book, Presenting to an audience, etc…

If you are reading these words, then Doubt has caused you some discomfort and therefore you would like to remove or destroy it, but hasn’t it served it’s purpose well? Isn’t a healthy level of FEAR an important part of ensuring that you don’t make poor decisions or act recklessly?

Fear & Doubt as we learned earlier come from a good place of survival and therefore they are there to protect us and for that, we thank self-doubt for it’s service to our well-being while we were children, BUT DOUBT also ensures that we don’t attempt to succeed so we don’t need it anymore.

When you think now of the word DESTROY, imagine what images come to mind. I, personally, might be an unusual and quirky Practitioner, but I often think of spraying a copious amount of lighter fluid into a metal barrel & then I light a MATCH feeling and hearing the blaze the second the lit wood touches the fluid within the barrel.

However, I have had clients immediately generate and utilize visuals of hammers obliterating their doubt, supernovas enveloping every shred and molecularly reconfiguring atoms, and some courageous participants hurl doubt into the sun and watch it annihilate into a sea of molten liquid in a blaze rivaling any the world has seen, but wait what do I mean by Destroying Doubt in this ambiguous manner.

Create the Confident & Courageous 1. WE NEED TO DESTROY DOUBT, now, As you read this, begin to imagine yourself being the HERO you need NOW. CREATE, in your mind, or BUILD in your own thoughts, a clear image of what you’d like to achieve and HOW you’d like to achieve it. (PAUSE & FOCUS) As you notice the feeling you get while you are seeing yourself confidently and energetically accomplishing a very specific task, you might want to take a moment and close your eyes to connect with this clear and vivid movie of yourself in the most intense sense. This is the version of you who is confident and on the other side of your self-doubt issue.

2. Now, that is Image 1. Image one is going to destroy image 2, but we will need now a clear picture of the self-doubt and/or behavior that you want to DESTROY. As you imagine that idea of you being the weak, fearful, and insecure version that you used to be, notice how disconnected you feel from that individual you used to be. Now, you are going to destroy the doubt that this image (Image 2) creates with the image we created from step 1, Image 1. As you read this line, I want you to (PAUSE & FOCUS) and notice the way that seems best for your mind to destroy image 2 with image 1 of yourself. Now, take the next few minutes to thoroughly complete this mental technique; I like to obliterate every last piece of that image as many times as it takes until the ONLY image remaining in my mind, is the picture of the CONFIDENT me that I need to complete the task.

Conclusion You’re not quite finished. You have to execute by stepping into that image of yourself. Float up out of your body and transfer yourself into that giant confident version of yourself. Do it NOW.

What’s next? Do you have something you’ve been too afraid to do? Go do it SUCCESSFULLY and CONFIDENTLY. If you had any problems getting this technique to work try following along with the video below or reach out to me to work one on one if you need professional assistance.


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